How to Sell Your Products Online for Free with Versla Marketplace

How Do I Sell My Products Online for Free?

Selling products online without incurring costs is a dream for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Versla Marketplace, a UK-based online platform, makes this possible. With no setup or monthly fees, Versla offers a cost-effective way for sellers of all sizes to enter the online marketplace.

Understanding Versla's Fee Structure

While setting up your shop on Versla is free and there are no monthly fees, it's important to understand the sales fee structure. Versla charges a nominal 2% sale completion fee, capped at £1 per order. This transparent fee system ensures you keep most of your profits while benefiting from Versla's wide range of selling tools and services.

Stripe Payment Gateway Fees

All transactions on Versla Marketplace are processed through the Stripe Payment Gateway. Stripe charges fees starting from 1.2% and 20p per order, depending on the card used. This secure payment system offers peace of mind for both buyers and sellers, ensuring transactions are smooth and reliable.

Starting Your Journey on Versla Marketplace

Getting started on Versla Marketplace is straightforward. Sellers can create an account, connect to the Stripe Payment Gateway for secure transactions, and begin listing products swiftly. Versla also offers a bulk CSV importer, simplifying the process for those with large inventories.

Creating an Appealing Online Shop

Versla provides each seller with a free web shop, complete with the option to use your own custom domain. This feature enhances your brand presence and offers a professional platform to showcase your products. Sellers can personalise their shops with logos, welcome messages, custom categories, and additional pages for an enhanced buyer experience.

Optimising Product Listings

High-quality images, detailed descriptions, relevant keywords, and competitive pricing are crucial for standout product listings. Versla's platform is designed to help sellers effectively showcase their products to attract and retain customers.

Maximising Exposure and Sales

Promotion is key to online selling success. Versla Marketplace encourages sellers to leverage social media, offer promotions, collaborate with influencers, and participate in marketplace events for increased visibility and sales.

Streamlining Order Management and Shipping

Efficient order management is vital for customer satisfaction. Versla's integrated shipping system and tools like Royal Mail Click and Drop or Parcel2Go integrations aid in simplifying the shipping process, ensuring timely deliveries to customers.

Exemplary Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is a cornerstone of success at Versla. Prompt responses, quick shipping, and effective resolution of issues are key practices for maintaining a positive reputation and encouraging repeat business.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to Cost-Effective Online Selling

Versla Marketplace is an ideal platform for those looking to sell online without the burden of high fees. With its fair and transparent pricing model, free setup, and absence of monthly fees, Versla provides a lucrative opportunity for sellers to maximise their profits while reaching a wide audience.

Start Selling on Versla Marketplace

Begin your online selling journey with Versla Marketplace today. Enjoy the benefits of a free setup, low transaction fees, and a secure payment gateway. Visit Versla Marketplace to learn more and join a community of successful online sellers!


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