How to Set Up Your Free Web Store on Versla: A Step By Step Guide

Hello, Versla sellers! Today we are going to walk you through the steps needed to create your own free web store on Versla. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Log into Your Account and Access 'Settings.

Start by logging into your Versla account. Once logged in, navigate to 'Settings' on your dashboard.

Step 2: Choose Your Shop Type

Within the 'Your Web Store' section, select 'Store Settings'. Here, choose between a free subdomain or your own domain.

Step 3: Personalise Your Shop

After deciding on your shop type, it's time to personalise your shop. Choose a unique and memorable name that encapsulates your brand's identity. Upload a high-resolution logo along with a browser-friendly square icon. Remember, these images will become the face of your brand, so make sure they're sharp and eye-catching.

Craft an engaging welcome message for your visitors. If you're struggling to come up with a message, you can use our AI rewrite feature, ChatGPT, to help you.

Step 4: Design Your Shop

Now move on to the 'Design' section. Select a theme colour that matches your brand's visual style. Also, choose whether to showcase your shop on Versla's shop page. If you'd like, enable the navigation bar and specify the links you'd like to show. Add any social media links you'd like to display.

In this step, you can also opt for Versla to follow you on social media, giving your brand a boost in reach and credibility.

Step 5: Update Your Shop

Once you're satisfied with the look and feel of your shop, click 'Update Shop'. If you're using your own domain, remember to point your CNAME to Keep in mind that if this is your first time connecting the domain to Versla, it might take some time for your DNS to resolve and your SSL certificate to generate.

Step 6: Add Content to Your Shop

It's now time to populate your shop with engaging content. Go back to 'Your Web Store' and select 'Page Content'. Here, you can create meaningful pages such as 'About Us', providing your audience with deeper insights into your brand.

Step 7: Define Your Product Categories

Lastly, organise your products by defining product categories. Return to the 'Your Web Store' section and select 'Categories'. Here, you can create categories that suit your product range.


You've successfully set up your free web store on Versla. Remember, you can add as many page content items or blog articles as you like to make your shop truly unique. Your shop is now ready to welcome customers and make sales.

Thank you for reading our guide. We hope you find it helpful. As always, we wish you success on your Versla journey. Happy selling!


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