Identifying Seaglass: A Guide to Discovering Ocean Gems

What is Seaglass?

Seaglass is weathered glass found on shores, shaped and frosted over time by the sea. It begins as shards from glass objects and transforms into smooth, often colourful pieces with a distinctive frosty appearance.

Understanding Seaglass Colours and Origins

Seaglass colours range from common greens and browns to rare blues, reds, and purples. The colour often indicates its origin: clear and green from bottles, blue from medicinal containers, and rare reds from old navigational lights or art glass.

Distinguishing Between Genuine and Artificial Seaglass

Real seaglass has a frosty surface and smooth edges, often showing signs of natural weathering. Artificial or crafted seaglass, however, can appear too perfect or have overly sharp edges. Understanding these nuances is key to identifying authentic seaglass pieces.

Finding and Collecting Seaglass

Beachcombing for seaglass requires patience and an eye for detail. Look in areas with rocky shores, near historic sites, or where tides deposit debris. Early morning or low tide times are often best for discovering these hidden gems.


Identifying seaglass is an art that combines knowledge with the joy of discovery. Each piece holds a story, waiting to be uncovered by those who tread along the ocean's edge. The thrill of finding and identifying seaglass makes it a cherished activity for beachgoers and collectors alike.

Explore the World of Seaglass

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