Why Versla Marketplace Charges a Maximum of £1 Per Order: A Fair and Transparent Fee Structure for All Sellers

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As an online marketplace, we're often asked about our fee structure and why we've chosen to charge a maximum of £1 per order. The answer is simple: We believe in treating all sellers fairly, no matter what they're selling. We wanted to keep the fee percentage as low as possible, but we also don't think it's fair to charge more for a £50 item than we would for a £1000 item. After all, we're not doing any extra work to sell a low- or high-value item.

Our team has been in the e-commerce and retail service industries for a long time, and we've always been bothered by the way that some marketplaces charge high fees that disproportionately affect smaller sellers. That's why we wanted to do things differently. We believe in supporting independent businesses and helping them grow, rather than taking a big cut of their profits.

Our fee structure is designed to be fair and transparent. We charge no listing or membership fee, and just a 2% order fee which is capped at £1 per order. That means that our sellers never have to worry about paying more than that amount, no matter how many items they sell. The only other fee that is applied is by the online payment gateway Stripe, this currently starts at 1.5% and 20p (depending on the card type used see https://stripe.com/gb/pricing).

Some people have asked us why we don't offer a free lifetime fee instead. This is because we feel we would not be able to provide the level of service and support that we believe our sellers deserve. In order to cover our costs, we would need to continually grow our user base, which would take away from the time and attention we could devote to our existing sellers.

So, we believe we've chosen a fee structure that we feel is fair and affordable for all. Our maximum fee of £1 per order means that our sellers can keep more of their profits, and the payment gateway we use, Stripe, has fees that are competitive and straightforward. 

We believe that by treating our sellers well, we can create a thriving online community that benefits everyone.


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