2 x workshop tool trolley 100 kg 3 shelves

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This workshop tool trolley has a robust construction with 3 shelves which can carry a maximum load of 100 kg. This workshop trolley can be used for easy and safe storage and for transportation of your tools in the garage and workshop. It has a lacquered steel construction. All the 4 wheels can swivel. Finally, there is a convenient handle for pushing the trolley. In the delivery you will receive 2 workshop trolleys.
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  • Load capacity (maximum): 100 kg.
    Tire size: Ø 9.5 cm.
    Dimensional loading space: 765 x 410 mm.
    Dimensions: 840 x 410 x 780 mm.
    Number or workshop trolley’s: 2 x.
    Number of shelves: 3 x.
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