4ft spinlock straight barbell weight bar

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4ft Spinlock Straight Barbell Weight Bar for weight lifting and strength exercises. Made from steel with a chrome finish with knurled grips along the curled bar. Bar measures 4 foot and weighs 5kg.
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4 Foot Straight Bar with Spin Locks

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These heavy duty Barbell Bars are ideal for getting the most out of your workout. They're made to a high standard and have plenty of space for adding weights. They measure 4 foot in length, with 16cm space at each end for adding weight plates.

Adding Weights

These Barbell Bars have 16cm of space at each end for adding weights, and are made from steel for heavy duty workouts. This gives you plenty to play with ensuring you can set them up to suit your workout. At each end of the barbell are spinlock style collars, which are easily removed when you need to add or remove weights. They spin tight to ensure that you can lift in confidence, as they hold everything in place securely.

Heavy Duty

These Spinlock Barbell Bars are made from a heavy duty steel for lasting success. The bar weighs 5kg before adding any weights, and knurled sections along the bar make sure you always have a good grip.

Spinlock Barbell Bar Specifications

  • The bar weighs 5kg and measures 4 feet in length
  • Max weight: 150kg
  • Suitable for standard 1 Inch weight plates
  • 16cm free space at each end available for adding weight plates
  • Solid steel construction with chrome finish
  • Spinlocks at each end for securing weights
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