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This enamelled stainless steel and stone black BakerStone pizza oven box features an unique design that raises the temperature of your outdoor grill to the equivalent of a real wood-burning pizza oven. Unmatched baking performance is achieved by combining convective, conductive and radiant heat to quickly and evenly bake a variety of foods. Just place this portable pizza oven box on top of a 3-burner stove or on top of an outdoor grill. You can bake pizza, loaves of bread and cookies. Not just that, you can also roast meat and vegetables, and even cook fish. Set the burners on your stove to "high" and pre-heat for approximately 20 minutes. Once the desired temperature is reached, you're ready to bake your pizza in the BakerStone pizza box. Note: Cooking performance may vary depending upon the grill performance, environmental conditions and other factors.
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  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Enamelled steel, stainless steel and refractory stone
  • Dimensions: 58,5 x 41,8 x 15,9 cm (L x W x H)
  • Portable pizza oven box with handles
  • Operates on cooking grates of most 3-burner stoves or on large grills
  • Unique 5-sided stone baking chamber
  • Cooks pizza in 2-4 minutes
  • Baking, cooking and roasting functions
  • Bakes pizza, bread and cookies
  • Roasts meat and vegetables
  • Cooks fish
  • Insulated housing
  • Easy to read icons display for temperature range
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