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Bald Eagle Original Drawing

Experience the Majestic Beauty of an American Bald Eagle

Indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature with our A3 (11.69 x 16.53 inches) original pencil drawing of an American Bald Eagle. Hand-drawn using Faber Castell pencils on 350gsm bristol board paper, this artwork captures the essence of this magnificent bird with exceptional detail and precision. From the intricate feathers to the piercing gaze, every stroke brings the eagle to life, creating a truly captivating piece that will leave you in awe.

A Decorative Masterpiece for Your Living or Dining Room

Transform your living room or dining room into a sanctuary of elegance and grace with this stunning Bald Eagle drawing. Its large size and intricate details make it the perfect focal point for any space. Hang it on a prominent wall and let the eagle's majestic presence fill your home with a sense of pride and admiration. Whether you want to create a nature-inspired theme or simply add a touch of sophistication, this drawing is sure to impress both guests and family members alike.

An Ideal Gift for Nature Enthusiasts and Special Occasions

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who appreciates the beauty of eagles? Look no further! Our Bald Eagle Original Drawing is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, or Independence Day. It showcases the strength and freedom embodied by this iconic bird, making it a unique and heartfelt present for any nature enthusiast. Give them a gift they will cherish for years to come and let them experience the allure of the Bald Eagle in their own home.

  • Signed by us, adding a personal touch to each drawing
  • Unmounted and unframed to reduce postage costs, ensuring affordability for our customers
  • Special delivery option available for customers in the UK, ensuring safe and timely arrival
  • Additional option to purchase a 20" by 16" frame, allowing for convenient display
  • Prints and cards with the same design are also available, providing versatile options for art enthusiasts
  • Commission requests are accepted, allowing you to bring your unique vision to life


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