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High quality folding Bicycle Floor Stand rack with spring assisted action, perfect for keeping in the back of the car or for setting up at home in the garage or shed for storing your bike. Better stability than standard bike racks for mountain, road and hybrid bicycles.
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Spring Loaded Bike Floor Stand

Fed up of leaning your bike against a wall or tree? These impressive Bike Floor Stands are the versatile, reliable and portable option for keeping you bicycle safely upright without having to be on it yourself! Whether you're looking at keeping a spot for your bike in the corner of the garage or you are after something to chuck in the boot when you're taking your bike to more adventurous routes, these folding stands have you covered.

Folding Design for Using as you Will

The stand folds out quickly and easily and is suitable for wheel sizes between 16" and 29" (max tyre width 5cm). It can then be folded back down for easy storage and is spring assisted, which allows you to set it up quickly. Simply pull out the locking bar knob with the vertical arm all the way up and the arm itself will be released, allowing you fold it flat in seconds.

Heavy Duty Support

These folding bike stands are made from a tough steel for reliable performance. The weight is evenly distributed across the 4 feet, which have a rubber grip for ensuring the stand remains firmly in place. The only part of the bike touching the stand will be the tyre, which is held in multiple places on the stand for a more stable sitting than standard racks which only touch in 2 places.

Folding Bicycle Stand Specifications

  • Spring assisted
  • Suitable for 16-29 inch tyres (max width 5cm)
  • Ideal for use with road, mountain and hybrid bikes
  • Gripped rubber feet for reliable stability
  • Ideal for use in garages, sheds or bike shops
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