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Car Back Seat Organisers with Cool Bag from TekBox

Our car back seat organiser incorporates a massive insulated cool bag for keeping your drinks and snacks cool while on the road. They're ideal for long car journeys, and are a must for road trips. Whether its somewhere to put the in car snack and drinks, or somewhere to store emergency water for longer road trips, these car organisers have you covered!

Made for Mileage

The Car Seat Organisers are made from a durable PVC. They have a myriad of pockets and pouches to make sure you have plenty of options for storing all your stuff whilst on the journey. The 3 mesh pockets across the front are ideal for phones, tablets, books or other items you need to keep you entertained on the journey. Its also great for keeping maps, so you can turn those backseat drivers into backseat navigators. The side pouches are also ideal for holding a can of lemonade or similar (still nicely cool from the insulated bag). There is even a pocket on the underside for inserting a box of tissues, with a small slot through which individual tissues can be accessed.

Keep Hot Things Hot and Cold Things Cold

These Insulator Bags are not only great for keeping your drinks refreshingly cool, but the insulation also makes them ideal for hot items too! The passengers in the back seats can keep their lunch warm in the pouch, ready for when hunger strikes! Even better news, there is a tissue dispenser at the bottom so you can clean yourself up after eating.

Easy to Set Up

This item can be easily attached to any car headrest and seat which makes it great for travelling. The pocket mesh and Velcro pockets are useful for storing children’s toys, snacks and any other items.


  • Product dimension: 36cm x 28cm x 10cm
  • Material: Oxford cloth / PVC
  • Perfect for travel and tourism with children
  • Variety of pockets for storage
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