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Crochet Pattern PDF

This listing is for the PDF of my Granny Square blanket for beginners. 

What will I find in the pattern PDF?

The pattern is aimed at complete beginners, I explain everything from what the labels on the yarn packaging mean to what the different items are in your kit and what they do.

I will explain the different stitches and how to do them, this will be shown on a graph, in picture format and in a very "wordy" write as I crochet style pattern with no abbreviations in the lengthy pattern. 

The pattern will contain the following:

  • Contents
  • About me - I will give a little introduction into who I am and why I have made this kit
  • What is in the Kit (This will not apply to you as you are not purchasing the full kit)
  • Descriptions of what you have received (this will not apply to you as you are not purchasing the entire kit, you are purchasing the pdf pattern)
  •  Introduction to: Yarn labels, materials, shapes Hooks, sizing and conversion
  • Crochet symbols and abbreviations UK and US
  • Winding the yarn and yarn bowl (will not fully apply as you will not receive the yarn bowl)
  • Finger names and holding the hook
  • Holding the yarn and putting the yarn on the hook
  • Learning the stitches - Chains and how to count them, Single crochet Double crochet Slip Stitch
  • How to read a pattern
  • The granny blanket: How to crochet a granny square with charts, photos and written instructions
  • How to finish the blanket, change yarn colours/add yarn
  • How to make the Border
  • How to crochet a granny square, written instructions only
  • How to crochet a granny square, charts only

To view a video of the pattern and journal click here...

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