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Crochet Pattern and Journal - Bundle

This set includes a pattern for crocheting a beautiful granny square blanket, perfect for beginners, with detailed instructions, photos and easy-to-follow diagrams.

You will also receive the Journey Journal to encourage mindfulness throughout the crocheting journey.

Both have been professionally printed and beautifully bound, you will receive a PDF of the pattern direct to your email and a hard copy of the Journal.

Why have I created this combined beginners mindful crochet kit?

Stress, anxiety, and the demands of daily life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves, in some of my darker days I needed a positive distraction, Crochet was my distraction, and journaling helped me when I needed to get the thoughts down on paper.

So, I combined the two things that helped me in my dark days.

Tell me more about the Journal and how this could help me:
I designed this journal to use myself when I was low, I then introduced it to a focus group of people all experiencing different mental health diagnoses and different learning styles. The feedback was incredible, minor changes were made and then the book was re-trialled with a different group of people. I then went ahead with printing them I chose a reputable company who are as Eco friendly as I am.

The crochet journal is designed to capture not just your learning experience but your thoughts, inspirations, emotions and what makes you - you. 

The journal starts with pages dedicated to your crochet journey, you will be encouraged to document your feelings before and after the crochet session, if you cannot write your feelings you can circle the dandelion which has feelings attached, there is also a space for detailing anything you would change for your next session.
The journal then dives into learning about 'you' and finishes with discussing how making a box full of your favourite things could help you when you are feeling emotionally unbalanced. 

Mindfulness and Crochet
Mindfulness is a therapeutic practice which teaches you to feel at ease being in the present moment, this allows us to slow down, to stop thinking about the million and 1 things swimming around in our heads and to fully focus on just one thing.

When we create something (crocheting the blanket) it promotes a sense of accomplishment which in return releases Dopamine. 
Dopamine is the hormone which lets your brain know that you have achieved something, it causes us to feel happy and motivated and increases our focus.

So, I combined these two things - creation and mindfulness. 

Creating something mindfully can lead to an overall sense of calm, achievement and positive mental well being.

Make it fun!
Mindfulness does not have to be serious to work! You and a friend can get together and enjoy a cuppa and cake, encouraging each other to work through this wonderful skill of crochet and mindfulness. The journal will seek to remind you that mistakes are part of the journey,  the crafting journey and in life. You do not have to go through either journey alone, I have created a Facebook group specifically for those who purchase the kit. It will be a private group and act as a source of support and encouragement.

Can you explain to me more about the pattern?
The pattern is aimed at complete beginners, I explain everything from what the labels on the yarn packaging mean to what the different items are in your kit and what they do.

I will explain the different stitches and how to do them, this will be shown on a graph, in picture format and in a very "wordy" write as I crochet style pattern with no abbreviations in the lengthy pattern. 

The pattern will contain the following:

  • Contents
  • About me - I will give a little introduction into who I am and why I have made this kit
  • What is in the Kit
  • Descriptions of what you have received (this will not apply to you as you are not purchasing the entire kit, you are purchasing the pattern and journal)
  •  Introduction to: Yarn labels, materials, shapes Hooks, sizing and conversion
  • Crochet symbols and abbreviations UK and US
  • Winding the yarn and yarn bowl (will not fully apply as you will not receive the yarn bowl)
  • Finger names and holding the hook
  • Holding the yarn and putting the yarn on the hook
  • Learning the stitches - Chains and how to count them, Single crochet Double crochet Slip Stitch
  • How to read a pattern
  • The granny blanket: How to crochet a granny square with charts, photos and written instructions
  • How to finish the blanket, change yarn colours/add yarn
  • How to make the Border
  • How to crochet a granny square, written instructions only
  • How to crochet a granny square, charts only

To view a video of the pattern and journal click here...


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