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Dog Lead Triple Attachment allows you to safely and comfortably walk up to 3 dogs.
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Dog Lead Triple Attachment

Dog Lead Triple Attachment is the ideal addition for taking your dogs on their favourite walks. Our Triple Dog Lead makes it safe, convenient and comfortable to walk up to 3 dogs. It acts as a splitter attachment with your current lead to let you take both your dogs on their favourite walk without the additional lead. This reduces tangling and increases control. Whether you are taking them on a short walk, adventures through the woods, to get some fresh air and exercise, the Dog Lead Triple Attachment provides a reliable connection between you and your canine companions and helps you be ready for whatever your dogs need.

3-way Attachment

The Dog Lead Triple Attachment is designed for those who have more than one dog to walk. Its triple splitter attachment is used with a single lead and can be attached via the metal loop to give you increased control and comfort without compromise. The triple attachment enables you to walk up to three dogs easily and tangle free. The 360 rotation clips let your dogs explore in wherever they please without you losing any control. It is the perfect solution to those adventures with multiple canine companions.


The Dog Lead Triple Attachment increases your control when on walks without comprising comfort or enjoyment. It extends the reach of your dogs so they can quite happily enjoy their adventures to the max but reduces tangle and stops your four-legged friends from running you round in circles! The strong and durable material gives you confidence that you can take your dogs anywhere - no matter the terrain and weather. It has 50cm length so all your dogs will be able to enjoy the outdoors comfortably without having to walk too close together.

Dog Lead Triple Attachment Specifications

  • Strong and Durable
  • 360 clip rotation
  • Suitable for 3 Dogs
  • Dimension: 50cm, 2cm Thick
  • Please note: This is a triple attachment lead. Single dog lead not included.
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