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A Dual Computer Monitor Mount for using two screens whilst saving desk space. With heads which can swivel and tilt for and good angle to work at.
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<h3><strong>Dual Monitor Mount for 13" - 32" Monitors</strong></h3> <p>These Computer Monitor Mounts are a great solution to having a multi-screen set up without losing too much space. By using the mount to hold your monitors above the desk surface, you can keep plenty of space on your desk you would otherwise lose. They have VESA fittings at the back for attaching computer monitors from 13 inches to 32 inches, or any screen with VESA fittings of 75 x 75 or 100 x 100.</p> <p><strong>Swivel, Tilt and Rotate</strong></p> <p>The mounts can also be individually swivelled, tilted or rotated to face any desired direction. This gives you endless possibilities in a professional workplace. Next time you're demonstrating or presenting something at your workstation but you only want the audience to see one screen, simply turn one monitor towards them to leave you free to control everything whilst retaining a professional display. Another option is to use the mount as a central podium for two workstations. You can simply mount two monitors to the mount and have them facing opposite directions so you can share a desk whilst maintaining a bit of privacy with what you're working on.</p> <p><strong>Productivity without Compromise</strong></p> <p>These screen mounts are ideal for increasing your productivity without surrendering loads of space. By having your 2 screens mounted above your work surface can free up loads of space whilst also retaining the ability to work with dual screens.</p> <p><strong>Not just for the workplace</strong></p> <p>These mounts don't have to be all about productivity and workplace efficiency. Any TV with suitable VESA fittings can be attached to this allowing you to watch two things at once. Trying to decide whether to watch the football or catch up on your latest box set? Well now you can do both!</p> <p><strong>Twin Mount Specifications</strong></p> <ul> <li>Material - Steel and Powder Coated Plastic</li> <li>Dimensions - 91cm x 28cm x 46cm</li> <li>VESA Sizes - 75 x 75 and 100 x 100</li> <li>Recommended Screen Sizes - 13"-32"</li> <li>Max Weight Capacity - 8kg per screen</li> <li>Colour - Black</li> <li>Tilt Range - +45&deg; to -45&deg;</li> <li>Swivel Range - +90&deg; to -90&deg;</li> <li>Rotation Range - +180&deg; to -180&deg;</li> </ul>
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