endora - black and gold mystical hat

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Endora - Black and Gold Mystical Hat

Unleash Your Inner Magic with Endora

Step into a world of enchantment and elegance with the Endora Black and Gold Mystical Hat. This exquisite sinamay hat is handcrafted to perfection, adorned with dazzling gems and delicate black feathers. Inspired by the mesmerizing nail art posted by a fellow small business owner. Endora is a true masterpiece that will turn heads and make you feel like a true goddess.

A Fashion Statement Like No Other

Endora is designed to be worn forward on the head, with its point gracefully sweeping across the forehead.  With Endora, you'll be the centre of attention, radiating confidence and style.

Comfortable and Customisable

I believe that beauty should never come at the cost of comfort. That's why I’ve  designed Endora with an elastic fixing, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit all day long. 

Endora is meticulously handmade and usually dispatched within 3 working days. Please note that additional time may be required for customisations. Please contact me if you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours. Your magical journey awaits with Endora - the ultimate accessory for those who dare to stand out.


  1. Material: Sinamay
  2. Colour: Black and gold
  3. Decoration: Gems and black feathers
  4. Fixing: Elastic
  5. Customisation options available for elastic colour
  6. Dispatch time: Usually within 3 working days, additional time may be required for customisations
  7. Contact options: Email, text, phone call, Instagram message
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Approximate dispatch time: 3-5 Working Days

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