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Flat weight bench for weightlifting and bench presses, with 110cm long cushioned back support on a heavy duty black and green steel frame.
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<h3><strong>Flat Weight Lifting Bench</strong></h3> <p>These impressive weight lifting benches are ideal for bench pressing and other strength exercises. They are made from a heavy duty steel, and feature the Komodo Sports flash of green on the back legs. They're ideal for anyone looking to add a reliable bench to their home gym set up.</p> <p><strong>Reliable Workout Bench</strong></p> <p>These Flat Benches offer better support for strength exercises, cushioning your back to keep your lifts controlled. They are perfect for using in conjunctions with dumbbells and barbells for a whole range of exercises, helping to expand your range of workout options. The thick, padded cushion offers reliable and comfortable support throughout use.</p> <p><strong>Heavy Duty</strong></p> <p>Reliability is vital when performing tougher bench presses and similar exercises. These flat benches are made from a tough steel to provide a solid structure you can trust. All fittings are required, including gripped rubber feet to ensure the bench doesn't move around when in use. The bench has a max weight limit of 250kg (including the user), giving you plenty of scope for tougher lifts.</p> <p><strong>Flat Weight Bench Specifications</strong></p> <ul> <li>Steel frame with padded back cushion</li> <li>Max weight 250kg (including user)</li> <li>Cushioned support measures 110cm x 25cm</li> <li>Full bench measures 110cm x 67cm x 41cm</li> </ul>
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