flufsan incontinence pads for women 120 pcs

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The incontinence pad for women has extra absorbency, ensuring you stay protected and secure. Comfortable and breathable: The soft material with extra absorbency promotes moisture reduction in enclosed spaces, keeping your skin dry, healthy, and comfortable to wear.Odour control: Materials within the core absorb unwanted odours, providing comfort and skin wellbeing.Safety: The women's pads for incontinence are latex-free, which reduces the chance of an allergic reaction and promotes healthy skin.Multiple applications: The female incontinence pads with extra absorbency are ideal for people with different needs, whether they are active, independent, assisted, or bedridden.
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  • Colour: White
  • Material: Non-woven, polyethylene
  • Pieces (total): 120
  • Latex free
  • Secure protection
  • Applicable gender: Lady
  • Absorbency: Extra
  • Absorbency +/- 5%: 440 ml
  • Type of incontinence: Medium / Moderate
  • Indicated for: Active / Independent or assisted / Bedridden persons
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