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Cushioned gym equipment floor mats for weightlifting benches, towers, bike machines and bicycle turbo trainers. They measure 178cm x 75cm and protect your floor from scratches, marks and other damage.
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Floor Mat for Gym Equipment and Bicycle Turbo Trainers

These cushioned floor mats are designed for protecting your floor as well as your gym benches or bike training equipment. They also reduce vibrations when exercising, making your workouts less uncomfortable.

Home Gym Equipment

Our Gym Equipment Floor Mats are ideal for placing underneath towers, racks, multi-gyms, benches and other home gym set-ups. This prevents your floor against scratches, dents and marks which can be caused when the equipment is placed directly onto the floor. In addition to this, the mat can provide better stability than using your equipment directly on carpets or thick rugs.

Indoor Cycling Training

These mats are also designed for using with bicycle machines and turbo trainers. With a total floor size of 178cm x 75cm there is plenty of room for a bike and turbo trainer, without fear of your floor becoming damaged during use. The mat also cushions your bike machine or trainer to reduce vibrations when in use, which not only makes it quieter and a little more comfortable to use but also extends the life of the equipment.

Training Equipment Mat Specifications

  • Measures 178cm x 75cm
  • 0.5cm thick, shock resistant PVC material
  • Protects floor from scratches and marks
  • Reduces vibrations during use for more comfortable workout
  • Reduced vibrations also improves equipment life
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