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Tricep rope with push down cord, ideal for the home gym workout.
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Gym Tricep Rope

The Tricep Rope with push down cord is ideal for the home gym workout. Constructed from a heavy duty material, you can be confident that this will support you easily throughout your workout.

Advantages of a Triceps Rope:

The rope works the same muscles as a push down bar but offers additional advantages. You will target fibres deep within your triceps and move through a greater range of motion when you straighten your wrists. In a recent study, the rope was found to be more effective that a bar when performing push-downs.

Triceps push-downs enhance strength and may improve your ability to pass the ball when throwing. You may also be more able to push against opponents in contact sports. Triceps are utilised to perform everyday tasks and so enhanced strength will always prove useful. Push-downs also work other muscle groups including your pectorals and this form of exercise forces you to contract your rectus abdominis and oblique muscles in order to maintain your posture.

Tricep Rope Specifications

  • Length (CM): 65cm Diameter (CM): 3cm
  • Triceps, biceps, shoulders and abs- all effectively trained!
  • Strength and endurance tested
  • Designed to optimise triceps contraction
  • Essential item for triceps bursting
  • For use with weight stack cable equipment
  • Constructed with heavy braided nylon and toughened swivelling attachment
  • Rubber ended rope ensure comfortable grip
  • Great for use at home or in the gym
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