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Hard Blue Pet Carriers for Small Pets such as rabbits, ferrets and little cats and dogs. Tough plastic travel crate box with vented sides; easy to use and ready for your pet's next adventure.
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<h3><strong>Small Pet Carrier in Blue</strong></h3> <p>These impressive pet carriers are ideal for the animal on the move.</p> <p><strong>A safe Journey for your Pet</strong></p> <p>These pet carriers are designed with the animal at heart. Vented sides help your pet to stay cool whilst on the move, as well as maintaining a good air flow. It also ensures your pet gets a good view of everything going on around them on their adventure.</p> <p><strong>Practical and Easy to Use</strong></p> <p>These animal carriers are made from a tough plastic for reliability and durability. There is a handle on the top for carrying the crate, making it easy to stay on the move. The metal door of the carrier is secured shut with a spring grip mechanism, ensuring that your pet remains safe whilst travelling. A set of clasps run around the end of the crate connecting the top to the bottom, allowing you to take it apart to clean when your journey is over.</p> <p><strong>Pet Carrier Specifications</strong></p> <ul> <li>Small size dimensions: 46cm x 30cm x 28cm</li> <li>Made from a tough plastic</li> <li>Vented sides for a natural air flow</li> <li>Carry handle for easy transportation</li> <li>Top half can be removed for easy cleaning</li> <li>Metal door</li> <li>Spring grip door mechanism</li> </ul>
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