landmine grappler for 1 inch and olympic bars

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T-Bar Row Platform with weighted base made from green and black steel, allowing for 360 degree rotational strength workouts using 1 inch and 2 inch Olympic bars and floor bolts included.
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T-Bar Row Landmine Platform

These T Bar Row Platforms are ideal for a full body workout, with 360 rotation providing endless possibilities.

360 Degree Movement

2 Solid joints combine to create an impressively versatile piece of equipment. Each joint has a 180 degree range, working together to give the T Bar a full swivel range of 360 degrees. They have 2 bar sockets, allowing you to use either 1 inch or 2 inch Olympic style weight bars.

Versatile Kit for Dynamic Workouts

The T Bar Platform is ideal not only for increasing your basic rotational strength but also for increasing your power as a result of high intensity workouts. The platform supports a whole body workout to improve strength in your core, upper body and legs.

Heavy Duty

The T Bar Platform is made from a heavy duty steel in black and green and is built to last. The large base spreads the heavy weight of the platform evenly meaning you don't have to bolt it down to the floor. If you do want to ensure the full stability of the platform however, or to keep it set as a permanent feature in your gym set up, bolts are included for securing it in place.

T Bar Specifications

  • Made from a heavy steel
  • Suitable for 1 inch and 2 inch diameter Olympic bars
  • Carry handle allows for easy transportation
  • Floor bolts included
  • Two 180 degree joints, allowing for 360 degree movement
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