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Mobile Computer Desk from TekBox

These portable computer desks are an ideal addition to any workplace, allowing the user to raise and lower their work surface with ease. With a tough steel frame and strong caster wheels, you can transport your computer from your office to the conference room without having to lug everything across, one piece at a time.

Ready For Any Situation

Need your computer for your presentation, but its in a different room? Not a problem when you have one of these mobile computer desks. Just unplug it from the mains and wheel it through to wherever it is needed. What's more, with an adjustable height setting, it acts as a great speaker's podium or lectern for presenting from. It can also be used at trade shows, as a spare work space for hot desking offices, or a roaming point of sale.

Easy To Move Your Computer

These portable computer desks make it easy to move your work space wherever it is needed. All you need to do is unplug it from the mains and off you go. At the base of desk unit are 4 caster wheels, which make it easy to wheel to your desired location. 2 of the wheels can also be locked to anchor your desk into position, so you can work with confidence. Extremely Portable you can always just keep it to one side as a spare desk, whilst it can then be stored away effectively when not in use.

Work At Your Best Height

The Desk can be adjusted from 94cm tall all the way to 138cm tall, making it adaptable for sitting or standing positions. This means you can make sure that not only can you work comfortably in your day to day role, but you can also present in confidence should you be called upon!

Mobile Computer Desk Specifications

  • Min Height - 0.9m
  • Max Height - 1.38m
  • Tabletop Thickness - 1.5cm
  • Max Weight Capacity - 60kg
  • No. of Wheels - 4
  • Material - Powder Coated Steel Frame with Plastic Fittings
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