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The collection Noordwand, where this wallpaper couleurs & matières Scratchy Clouds is part of, excels because of the use of concrete patterns, subtle patterns with ton-sur-ton use of colours and striking uni metallic colours, giving the perfect balance between excitement and peace. Non-woven wallpaper has a paper top layer with a nonwoven back, this makes it possible to apply the glue directly on the wall and not on the wallpaper. This makes it much easier! The material is strong, easy to apply and can be perfectly used on problem walls or new construction walls. If needed, it is fast and easily removable. This wallpaper has a beautiful print and fits perfectly in any interior or furniture styles and easy to use if you want to freshen up your room with some new colour and feel.
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  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Non-woven fabric
  • Size: 0.53 x 10 m (W x L)
  • Offset pattern 32 cm
  • Advantages:
  • Strong
  • Good colour fastness
  • Does not expand, so no visible seams
  • Shrink-free and tear resistant
  • More equal view of your wall
  • Easy to apply without the use of a wallpaper table
  • Easier to remove
  • Note:
  • The underground must be uniform of colour, it can shine through Nonwoven Wallpaper
  • General:
  • Easy to dry remove whereby the wall behind will suffer less damage
  • Please check glue application instructions on the label
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