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ProudPet Pet Strollers; ideal for elderly, rescued or injured pet dogs and cats. The Pet Buggies have loads of features including a removable basket carrier and canopy, foot brake, collar clips and more.
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<h3><strong>Pet Stroller</strong></h3> <p>Our ProudPet Pet Strollers are perfect for taking your dog, cat or other pet out and about on your travels. The basket can also be removed when you don't need the full stroller with you.</p> <p><strong>Suitable for a Range of Pets</strong></p> <p>Pet Strollers are a great way of getting your pet back out and about. Elderly pets cannot always move around as they did when they were younger, but the stroller can make sure they don't miss out on family outings. Injured pets will also benefit, with the buggy allowing them to still get outside whilst recovering. They can also serve as a safe place for rescued pets to enjoy the world from, helping to build their confidence as you take them out and about. The prams are also ideal for having with you when passing through busy areas or when walking alongside roads with a lot of traffic.</p> <p><strong>ProudPet's Pet Strollers</strong></p> <p>The pet basket is large enough for a variety of pets, with a pair of collar clips inside for safety. The basket itself has multiple mesh panels for ventilation and visibility, but the canopy can be easily removed if you want to really open up the view! There is a foot brake on the rear wheels, allowing you to lock the stroller in place when needed. The stroller can also be folded down when not in use using the button on the handle. There is also an additional handle on the top of the basket which helps you to manoeuvre the stroller over small steps and curbs, or for carrying the basket itself when removed from the stroller.</p> <p><strong>Pet Stroller Specifications</strong></p> <ul> <li>Full stroller measures 75cm x 50cm x 100cm</li> <li>Basket space for pets measures 50cm x 35cm</li> <li>Suitable for dogs, cats and other small animals</li> <li>Folds down when not in use</li> <li>Removable carrier and canopy</li> <li>Max weight capacity is 15kg</li> </ul>
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