pink 2kg (2 x 1kg) weighted gloves

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2kg Neoprene weighted gloves in pink for improving endurance with tough and intense workouts. Ideal for shadow boxing, jogging and other exercises.
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Pink Weighted Gloves - 2kg

Our Komodo weighted gloves can be used to any workout which helps accelerate fat-burning while jogging, lifting weights or shadow boxing. It can also be used for other activities such as rehabilitation.

The durable neoprene padded glove with Velcro closure reduces the risk of strain or discomfort for the new users.


Whether you enjoy walking, aerobic activities or kickboxing, weighted gloves will help you to build strength and tone in your arms. When exercising, make sure that you move your arms as much as possible by pumping them back and forth, raising them, performing curls or pressing them up over your head. Your muscles are subjected to the resistance of the gloves as you move. If you invest in gloves of different weights, start with the lightest pair and move to heavier gloves as your fitness improves.


Gloves are safer to use than dumbbells because you cannot lose your grip. It is also possible to use your hands and arms in a natural manner so you can drink when you need to, sweep hair away from your face or wipe away sweat as you exercise. Using the gloves will increase your oxygen consumption and heart rate so you work harder and burn more calories than you would performing the same exercises without the gloves.

Pink Weighted Glove Specifications

  • Suitable to use during cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, aerobics and shadow boxing
  • Weighted training gloves helps build hand, arm & wrist strength
  • Sold as one pair of weighted gloves (1kg each)
  • 2kg - 20 x 11cm
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