progarden 71 piece micro irrigation system

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With the ProGarden 71 piece micro irrigation system, watering your plants is quick and easy. The different parts of this complete polypropylene watering set can easily be connected together however you want. And when connected to the outside tap! You only have to turn it on to provide your planters or garden plants with water. It is super easy and convenient!
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  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Tube length: 23 m
  • 71-piece micro irrigation system:
  • 1x vinyl hose 23 m
  • 10 x final humidifier
  • 10 x intermediate humidifier
  • 10 x hose clip (hook)
  • 15 x mounting ground pin
  • 1 x outside tap adaptor
  • 1 x water supply valve
  • 1 x water filter (sieve)
  • 2 x connecting piece (straight)
  • 15 x connecting T piece
  • 5 x sealing tube
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