push up press up bars

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Push Up Press Up Bars

PP plastic Push-ups bars help you neutralise the wrist angle so there is less pressure put on the joints.

Without the pain, you might be able to perform more push-ups than you normally would with your palms flat on the floor. The bars also help you increase your range of motion, allowing you to go deeper into the push-ups

Adjust the position of the push-up bar to target your chest, triceps and shoulders in different ways

Put the bar right by your ribs with your knuckles facing you to emphasise the triceps, or place them wider than your shoulders to put greater emphasis on the fronts of the shoulders.

Improve your workouts

The bars help you increase your range of motion allowing deeper better exercising


Support your wrists and support your workouts.


  • Length: 21CM
  • Width: 14CM
  • Height: 12.5CM
  • Material: PP Plastic/Foam
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