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The Single Car Dog Seat Belt secures your pets comfortably in the car and ensures the safety of your pet and the driver.
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Single Car Dog Seat Belt

The Single Car Dog Seat Belt helps ensure of your pet as well as preventing them from distracting the driver. Simply plug into an available seatbelt and attach the clip to your pet’s collars or harnesses (not included). It is effective in keeping your dog calm and relaxed while still being secure.


This Single Car Dog Seat Belt is designed to keep your pooch safe and secure on when in the car. It buckles into most car seats easily and quickly keeping your dog from jumping around the car or out a window. Your dog will be able to sit, stand or lie down comfortably or reach to look out the window while reducing the risk of them injuring themselves.


The strap of the Single Car Dog Seat Belt are fully adjustable so you can get them suited correctly to your dog or car. This strap adjusts up to 54cm allowing your dog to have enough room to sit down and stand. Each strap possesses a 360 rotation clip which reduces tangles and lets your dog be comfortable in whatever position is best for them.

Single Car Dog Seat Belt Specifications

  • Universal – Fits into most cars
  • Suitable for 1 dogs
  • 360 rotation clip
  • Adjustable length
  • Dimensions: Max 54cm, 2cm Thick. Buckle: 6cm x 2cm
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