straight revolving bar with rubber grip

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Straight bar cable attachment with rubber grips and revolving centre attachment point for a more natural and comfortable grip when doing bicep and tricep curls or other strength exercises.
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Straight Revolving Bar with Rubber Grip

This attachment is perfect for any universal cable machine, and features a rotating centrepiece which allows for more flexible and natural movement when working out. It can be used for a number of exercises including back workouts, such as seated rows and pull downs. Perfect attachment for any cable machine to target muscles easily.

Using the Straight Bar Attachment

These cable attachments are ideal for switching up your upper body workout, or any other exercises you use with cabled machines. These straight bars have a simple eyelet at the top for attaching to the cable quickly, allowing for a simple set up. The centre of the bars then rotates to allow for a more comfortable and flexible action. The rotation of the centre piece is unrestricted, so it can be rotated past the full 360 degrees if necessary.

Heavy Duty

These impressive bar attachments are made from heavy steel with a chrome finish. The rubber handles have a knurled finish to make sure you always have a great grip, whether you're pushing yourself with bicep curls, tricep curls, push downs and everything in between.


  • Steel bar with non slip rubber handles
  • Smoothly rotating centre attachment for more natural and comfortable exercises
  • Eyelet has diameter of 13mm, making it suitable for most cable machines
  • Total length is 45cm
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