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Unique Elephant Print for Elephant Lovers

Our entwined elephant print is a beautiful and heart-warming piece of art that is perfect for any elephant enthusiast. The intricate pencil drawing of two elephants with their trunks entwined symbolises love, strength, and unity, making it an ideal choice for a child's room, nursery, or even as an anniversary gift for couples. Whether you're a lover of elephants or simply appreciate the beauty of this majestic animal, this print is sure to bring joy into your home.

Three Types of Prints to Choose From

We offer our entwined elephant print in three different types: Standard Print, Photo Poster Print, and Hahnemühle German Etching. Each type of print offers a unique texture and finish, allowing you to choose the perfect option to suit your style and preference. Whether you prefer a smooth matte paper, a premium photographic paper with a satin lustre finish, or a heavy-duty paper with a velvety matte surface, we have the perfect print for you.

Customisable Options Available

To ensure that your print fits seamlessly into your space, we offer customisable options such as various sizes and an optional 5mm white border. The optional white border adds a touch of elegance to the print and allows for easy framing. Additionally, we also offer the entwined elephant design in the form of cards, available in two sizes, making it a versatile choice for gifting or personal use.


  1. Standard Print: Smooth 240gsm high quality matte paper
  2. Photo Poster Print: Premium 240gsm photographic paper with a satin lustre finish
  3. Hahnemühle German Etching: Heavy-duty paper with a velvety matte surface
  4. Optional 5 millimetres white border available upon request
  5. Cards available in two sizes
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