ursula - anti-valentines black heart fascinator with roses, feathers and gems

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Ursula - Anti-Valentines Black Heart Fascinator with Roses, Feathers, and Gems

Express Your Individuality on Valentine's Day

Are you tired of the traditional red and pink Valentine's Day accessories? Ursula is the perfect fascinator for those who want to rebel against the norm. This unique fascinator combines elements of Valentine's Day, such as hearts, roses, and gems, in a striking black color scheme. Stand out from the crowd and express your individuality with Ursula.

A Versatile and Easy-to-Wear Fascinator

Ursula can be fixed to your hair in multiple ways to suit your preference. Whether you prefer an elastic, comb, or headband, this fascinator has got you covered. Currently set on a hair clip, it can be easily attached to your desired hairstyle. The elastic fixing option allows you to hide it seamlessly within your hair, providing a flawless and polished look.


  1. Materials: felt, polyester, rhinestones, feathers
  2. Fixing options: elastic, comb, or headband (currently set on a hair clip)
  3. Elastic fixing goes around the back of the head
  4. Customisation options for elastic color or headband
  5. Dispatched within 3 working days for standard orders
  6. Allow at least a week's extra time for customisation
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