vidaxl 2-in-1 kamado barbecue grill smoker ceramic 56 cm red

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This ceramic Kamado grill uses coal or wood for fuel and has a large cooking grid with a 26.5 cm diameter. The mini Kamado is perfect for grilling, baking, smoking, cooking or just keeping your food warm. The ceramic barbecue has a very sturdy hinged lid with a vent and a built-in thermometer. Thanks to the layered vent, you can control the airflow as well as the temperature with ease. The high-quality ceramic with the glazed, pitted exterior finish is durable and aesthetically pleasing. It makes for a unique cooking process that adds flavour to the food while keeping it exceptionally tender! The powder-coated steel feet add extra stability to the grill. Ideal to cook a wide range of food such as burgers, fish, and ribs, this Kamado barbecue grill indeed offers you and your friends great BBQ fun!
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  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Ceramic with glazed pitted exterior, powder-coated steel
  • Total height: 56 cm
  • Outer diameter: 31 cm
  • Diameter of the stainless steel grill plate: 26.5 cm
  • Built-in thermometer, with temperature ranging from 0°C to 450°C
  • Spring-loaded hinge
  • Stainless steel vent
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