vidaxl decking tiles 20 pcs grey wash 30x30 cm solid acacia wood

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This set of 20 hardwood decking tiles is perfect for adorning surfaces or walkways in your garden, on your terrace or balcony, or any other room. The pattern is not only decorative, but adds a non-skid quality. The decking tiles are made of solid acacia wood, a tropical hardwood, which of course is weather resistant and highly durable. Thanks to their plug-in connection, the tiles can be made to interlock easily and tightly to form walking surface. Delivery includes 20 wooden decking tiles.
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  • Colour: Grey wash
  • Tile material: Solid acacia hardwood (varnished)
  • Base material: Plastic
  • Size: 30 x 30 cm (L x W)
  • Height: 2.4 cm
  • Delivery contains:
  • 20 x Decking tile
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