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This woman mannequin, coming complete with a glass base, is perfect for fashion, textile or garment displays, presenting any clothes, wigs, ornaments or shoes. It is well constructed of 6 assembled parts: head, torso, right leg, left leg, left arm, and right arm. The head and the arms can be rotated by 360° and the face can be moved up and down by 60°. The whole woman body is made of Eco-friendly PE. This material is not only environmental friendly but also durable for use. The mannequin comes complete with a glass base. It is also supported by an aluminum stand for more stability.
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  • Material: Eco-friendly PE (body), armoured glass (base), aluminum (stand)
  • Colour: Beige
  • Dress Size: 36-38
  • Shoe Size: 36-37
  • Shoulder Width: 40 cm
  • Body Height:175 cm
  • Bust/Chest:81 cm
  • Waist:61 cm
  • Hips: 86 cm
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