vidaxl xxl trolley charcoal bbq grill stainless steel with 2 shelves

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The XXL trolley charcoal BBQ grill with 2 wheels is ideal for outdoor get-togethers with family and friends. Thanks to the spacious grill area, there is no problem treating even the most hungry guests at the same time. This stainless steel BBQ grill has a sleek look and will be an eye-catching addition to your parties. The cooking grid is made of chrome-plated steel and equipped with sturdy wooden handles on both sides. Height of the cooking grid is easily adjustable. In addition, the wooden side shelf and bottom shelf keep spices and food handy. The windshield helps block the wind for better heat retention and faster cooking. With 2 sturdy wheels, the trolley BBQ grill is easy to transport.
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  • Material: Stainless steel, wood
  • Dimensions: 105 x 44 x 89 cm (L x W x H)
  • Side shelf size: 42.5 x 26.5 cm (L x W)
  • Bottom shelf size: 64.5 x 36 cm (L x W)
  • Cooking height (adjustable): 72 - 83 cm
  • Fire bowl size: 70 x 41 cm (L x W)
  • Wheel diameter: 14.5 cm
  • With 2 shelves and 2 wheels
  • Chrome-plated cooking grid
  • Assembly required: Yes
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